10 Best 3 in 1 G-Spot Vibrators —Save Me, Premium Sex Toys

1, 3 in 1 Thrusting G Spot Vibrator Clitoral Stimulator Massager, Rabbit Dildo Vibrator with 8 Flapping & 5 Telescopic Speeds Vagina Stimulation Rechargeable Adult Sex Toys for Women & Couples

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💕G Spot Stimulator — The thrusting g spot vibrator has 1.2 inch thrust length with multiple intensity levels. Recommend inserting first and then turning on the vibrating&thrusting. It definitely hits all the right spots. 5 Telescopic modes are great for vagina stimulation.

💕Innovative Flapping Design — The rabbit vibrator comes with the extra bit for clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration. It feels like a tongue with an array of dynamic 8 vibrations that swap speeds or pulse.

💕Triple Stimulation & Multiple intensities — The 3 in 1 g spot vibe is an amazing adult sex toy for women. The thrusting adds an entirely different dimension to couple’s play. Just insert it and brings a extremely satisfying.

💕Safe Silicone & Elegant Sex Toy — The silicone is silky smooth and easy to insert it. The clitoral massager is very filling but also comfortable with internal/external stimulation, waterproof, great battery life/USB charging.

💕Easy to Use & Discreet Package — The toy has three buttons, one to turn it on, one for vibrations, and one for the thrusting. It comes with a discreet black box. Unsatisfied? Don’t worry, if you have any concerns about our product, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

2, 2022 Newly Thrusting Dildo Rabbit Vibrator for Women, Vibrator Adult Sensory Toys G Spot Sex Toy with 3 PJEI Telescopic & 10 Vibration Modes, Adult Sex Toys Delivered Within 3-6 Days-0112

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💕【Thrusting +Licking tongue+vibration】 Thrusting 3 in 1 vibrator combines the feeling of natural intercourse with intense external clitoral stimulation. The licking sensation combined with thrusting motions is sure to make you achieve orgasm quickly. Can be used for vaginal or anal stimulation along with the licking motion for clitoral orgasms.
💕【Feel the Ultimate Thrust Satisfaction】This realistic thrusting dildo features 10 different high frequency vibration modes. Along with 3 thrust setting so anyone can hit just the right spot. This thrusting dildo can heat up like real penis and intelligently stretch to further stimulate your sensitive points, allowing you to easily reach G spot or prostate orgasms.
💕【Powerful Tongue Licking Vibrator】This vibrator has a small cute and realistic looking tongue. There are many settings to choose what feels perfect for you. The tongue is soft and has settings that feel amazing for clitoral and anal stimulation, as well as breast and nipple play. The licking sensation will drive you wild with very gentle to toe curling intense settings.
💕【Body-Safe Material and Waterproof and USB Rechargeable】The vibrator dildo is made of hygienic silicone. The clitoral vibrator is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the toy with tap water. Portable USB charging takes about two hours to fully charge and lasts 60-90 minutes.
💕【Delivery with Care】We promise to keep all customer’s information confidential and carefully packaged to ensure privacy. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

3, 3 in 1 Clitoral G-spot Rabbit Anal Vibrator - Jaslak Soft Silicone Rechargeable Vibrating Dildo for Lesbian, Women Sex Toys for Masturbation, Couples Sex

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💕[3*7 Stimulations for Triple Climax] – This upgraded strap-on vibrator is equipped with a powerful motor in each of its 3 stimulators, each motor has 7 different vibration modes and is controlled by 1 independent buttons. You can adjust each vibrations to your favorite collocation.
💕[Ergonomic Design for Solo or Lesbian] – This perfectly design vibrator makes stimulation act accurately sensitive spots. Unique plug-in wearable design will bring waist-trembling feeling to wearer equally as a single play or Lesbian sex toy.
💕[Waterproof & Magnetic Rechargeable] – This newly launched vibrator will show you a good performance even you and your lover are playing it in bathroom. In addition, you can use any USB adapt charger to charge it because of its magnetic rechargeable design.
💕[Soft and Safe Silicone Material] – This female vibrator is covered with liquid silicone, which is really soft & odorless. Meanwhile, the silicone material of the vibrator is 100% body-safe and skin-friendly. So you will be comfortable to use it without any hard irritating pain.
💕[Discreet Package] – We value every customer privacy and satisfaction, so this massager will be shipped in discreet package to protect your privacy. And if you have any questions with out products, please feel free to contact us to get after-sale services.

4.Strapless Strap-on Dildo - Realistic Silicone Dildo for Anal Vagina Stimulation, SEXY SLAVE Liam Double Dong Adult Sex Toy for Male Female Lesbian,13.3in Dildo for Couple Pegging Sex Fun

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💕Do you fancy filling your bum with something soft yet super smooth? This beautiful 13.3″ High-grade liquid silicone double dildo is a keeper!
💕Safe & Silky Smooth Silicone – SEXY SLAVE’s sex toys are made of medical-grade silicone, which hygienic and odorless. non-toxic, tasteless and flexible. You can bend it freely according to your needs. This silky-touch clit dildo would bring more comfort to your private parts.ration.
💕Take You All the Way: Offering 13.3 inches in total length, the C-shape strap-on dildo is curved to fit your body’s shape, offering a girthier length for vaginal stimulation at one end and a slimline anal dildo at the other. With defined heads topping each end and raised veins for stimulating texture, this double dildo sex toy is designed to take you all the way.
💕BIG “O”…can be inserted into the vagina and anal at the same time because of its double dong design. Suitable for a wide range of people. This double ended dildo is just what you need to satisfy your double penetration cravings, whether you’re playing solo, lesbian or with a partner. Once you had it in heaven. your orgasm seemed to last forever.
💕Discreet package & Reliable service – We promise to keep our customers’ information secret and discreetly packaged to ensure privacy. And we also have offer quick-response after sales service. If you have any problem about it, please do not hesitate to contact us

5.Vibrating Strapless Strap on Dildo Vibrator Sex Toys – Adorime Silicone Rechargeable Remote Control Female Clitoris Stimulate Adult Toy G-Spot Massager for Lesbian and Women

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💕Ergonomic Unique Design – The vibe is perfectly match the actual curve and length. It’s integrated vibration and unique grinding grooves make the wearer equally pleasing, perfect for lesbian and single women!

💕9 Powerful Vibrations – Adorime newly launched female companion multi-function vibrator use the high quality super motor, it’s various of powerful vibrations will definitely surprise you. Wait for you to experience!

💕Waterproof and USB Rechargeable – This massager is 100% waterproof, you can use it with confidence even in the water environment. In addition, USB fast charging provide you with long-term uninterrupted enjoyment.

💕Soft and Safe Silicone Material – This female vibrator uses body-safe silicone material, safe and non-toxic. In addition, it is made of soft material with moderate softness, comfortable to use without hard irritating pain.

💕Discreet Shipping—We designed discreet package with no product description but logo to help you avoid the possible embarrassed moment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this product.

6.Strapless Strap on Dildos with Flexible Bulb - MEANINS Allen, Anti-Slip Ribbed Double-Ended G Spot Vibrator, Strap-on for Pegging with Raised Nubs, Adult Sex Toys for Women & Lesbian, Purple

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💕Plow it like a queen
You’ll squeal everything from ‘A-ha!’ to ‘ooh yeah!’ with this vibrator. With not a single strap in sight, Allen strap-on is guaranteed to leave you both in ecstasy. Get ready for harness-free pegging and strap-on adventures
💕Alter the angle to suit both of you
The “bulb” of the clitoral vibrator is posable so that you can find the perfect angle for your sex position. Once angled, the wearer enjoys sensational blended G-spot and clitoral stimulation, while the receiver enjoys the best angle for penetration
💕Feel what you’re doing to your partner
The luxuriously smooth silicone of the vibrating dildo flexes just enough for comfortable wear. As you go deep, you’ll feel raised textures target your clitoris for extra stimulation also feel what amazing pleasure you take to your partner
💕Share intense vibrating love
The party really starts when you turn on the vibrations. Share the intense sensations as both the tip of the shaft and the bulbous end thrill your hot spots with 10 functions of vibration. Play with 3 speeds and 7 frequencies that reverberate through each end of this vibrator for women
💕Take your fun into the bath
Vibrating couple vibrator is 100% waterproof and submersible, you can even take your fun into the bath or shower with this waterproof pleasure tool

7, 3 in 1 Clitoral Vibrator, High Frequency Clitoral Vibrator G Spot Vibrator with 10 Whirling Vibrations,Waterproof Clit Stimulator Adult Sex Toys for Women Couples

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💕【3 in 1 Versatile High-frequency Vibrator Brings Clitoral & G-Spot Orgasm in Gentle or High-frequency Ways】-This clitoral vibrator can offer you all what you can imagine with its gentle & high-frequency stimulation to your clitoris & G-spot.
💕【Vacuum Function with Mild Squeezing Waves】-The rotating airflow generated by the built-in vibration motor and teases your clitoris. The soft pressure waves gently your clit while the gentle vibrations can be experienced through 3 accelerating levels of intensity.
💕【3D Spiral Powerful Vibrator with 15000r/min】-Compared with normal vibrators using decades-old vibration technology which can lead to over stimulation, clitoris vibrator using innovative spiral oscillating waves technology to deliver unimaginable clitoral stimulation.
💕【Perfect 30° Shaft Curved G Spot Vibrator for Intense Internal and External Stimulation & One-Stop Sexual Experiences】-Slender shaft with G-spot targeting curve, this sex toy can press precisely your G-spot and consume you completely.
💕【Multiple Layered Vibrations & 100% Waterproof】- Equipped 10 high frequency, 3 vacuum and 10 G-spot vibrations, this small vibrator can range you from ‘whisper quiet’ to ‘you won’t be able to keep quiet’.

8, 2022 New G Spot Rabbit Vibrator Dildo for Women, Bunny Ears Tongue Licking Clitorals Stimulator Vibrating Dildo Adult Sex Toys & Games for Couples Pleasure with 7 Vibrating Modes Rechargeable Heating

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💕[Soft Tongue Licking Function] This Updated Rabbit vibrator combines the licking & vibration to create really nice sensations, bunny rabbit ears can stimulate the clitoris or nipples, with the moderately soft tongue will lick your clitoris, nipples, vagina and other sensitive areas from gentle to wild, giving you itchy and fascinating wet pleasure.
💕[Multiple Vibration Modes] The slightly curved handle and quality silicone head make up the powerful high-frequency vibrator. This rabbit vibrator dildo has 7 powerful vibration modes, which can dynamically impact your sensitive points and G-spots, giving you an amazing feeling. Only get one, then you can try different vibrations and stimulation of different frequencies !
💕[Intelligent Heating + Daily Waterproof] The heated dildo vibrator can be heated , simulating the temperature of the human body, and bringing you the most realistic sexual stimulation in the shortest time. It can effectively massage female g-spots, nipple stimulation, breast massage, anal stimulation, and prostate massage to maximize your sexual pleasure and help you achieve orgasm.
💕[Eco-Friendly Silicone & Whisper Quiet ] This G Spot vibrator is made of high-quality silicone and ABS shell with a soft texture. It is also very suitable for people with allergies or sensitive skin. It is safe to use for any vaginal and anal pleasure or oral games. Designed for American women, the length and width are suitable for women. At the same time, its sound is very small, so you will not be embarrassed because you are afraid of others hearing it.
💕[Rechargeable and Private Packaging] This dildo vibrator can be fully charged in about 1.5 hours. It can run continuously for up to 1 hour when fully charged. (There will be a free charging cable in the package). We promise to keep all customer information confidential and take careful packaging to ensure privacy.

9.G Spot Rabbit Vibrator, Thrusting Adult Toy with Tentacle Vibrating for Clitoris Stimulation Plus Heating Function, WEDOL IPX-6 Waterproof Dildo Machine for Women, Lesbian, Couple Fun,Rechargeable

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💕[Geometric Shape Thrusting Dildo] We designed this unique Geometric Shape thrusting body. It is intended to provide more feeling when thrusting yet js soft and hypoallergenic. The head has a slight upward shape, providing that finger sex feeling.

💕[Tentacle Vibrating] Compared to other rabbit vibrators, this tentacle vibrator provides more surface area, and the arm is infinitely more flexible. The head can be pressed and pointed at your clitoris, to massage those sensitive parts and take your soul to maximum excitement.

💕[Heating Function] This vibrator is truly 3 in 1, thrusting, vibrating, and also heating. Smply click the button, the device will heat up in under a minute . When winter approaches, we prefer to cozy up with a warm toy that is enjoyable and easy to slide in.

💕[Handle Design] We love this metal design handle and high class also easy to hold. The entire toy is a masterpiece, we love the designer’s idea, love the color and function If you haven’t tried WEDOL’s toy, make this your first sex toy. We promise it won’t be your last. A prelude into good things to come.

💕[Waterproof] Yes! This toy is also IPX-6 waterproof, the charging cable is insertable which provides the best waterproof function. But we still recommend you not use it in the bath, the shower is ok.

10.Clitorals Stimulator for Women with Thrusting Bullet Vibrator, Dildo G Spot Rose Toy Vibrator for Women with 9 Thrusts & Vibrations, Anal Plug Sex Toys for Women Vaginal Health Waterproof

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💕【3 IN 1 Rose Toy For Women】 We specially integrate the functions of thrusting dildo, clitorals vibartor bullet and kegel balls, this is a sex toy specially developed for women. After the thrusting butt plug enters the vagina, due to the influence of its shape and thrust, the vagina will shrink and constantly clamp the thrusting vibrator. Training for 15 minutes a day can give you a better orgasm experience and a tighter vagina.
💕【9 Thrust Massage Vagina/anus】 The thrusting dildo vibrator has an insertable length of about 3.7 inches, and it can become longer/shorter by 0.6 inches per thrust, just like a real man’s thrusting motion. The spiral corrugations highly imitate the raised veins of the real penis, giving you a real sex experience.
💕【Little Devil Vibrating Egg Precision Clitoral Stimulation】 The rose toy vibrator has two raised tentacles that focus the vibrations on your clitoris, nipples and other sensitive areas. 9 continuous/intermittent vibration modes, like a skillful lover, give you tickling and intoxicating wet pleasure.Plus, you can have a good laugh that the vibrating egg when not in use looks like a tail ! Have fun.
💕【Suitable For All Stages Of Sex Toy Players】 The bullet vibrator thrusting dildo has 9 combinable/separate thrust speeds and vibration modes, you can combine the thrust and vibration modes at will to find the best rhythm for you. Whether you are a beginner in sex toys or an experienced person, this sex vibrator can meet your needs.
💕【100% Waterproof Vibrators Use In Bathroom】 The sex toys for women have IPX7 full waterproof rating, you can use it in the bathtub or in the shower. The high-quality silicone material is very soft and body-friendly, and can be washed quickly with warm or mild soapy water after use. We recommend that you use a water-based lubricant so that you can fully enjoy the game.

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